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Freshwater fishing contest has potential

Freshwater fishing contest has potential
Published on: Tuesday, January 21, 2020
By: Neil Chan


PUTATAN: Freshwater fishing competitions activities have the potential to be turned into viable tourism attractions in the district if it is looked into and developed further.

District MP Awang Husaini Sahari said such fishing competiton events (with attractive prizes being offered) have the potential to attract large number of visitors i.e. anglers and their families both from other areas of Sabah and also foreign visitors from other countries

He said for example fishing events such as this one organised by Borneo Integrated Farm (BIF) have already attracted close to 500 anglers statewide and even managed to attract angling foreign visitors from Brunei. 

“In addition there are also other products here i.e agricultural based products such as  livestock (goat) rearing for meat and milk which can be also developed into a tourism products that can be developed further in the district.”

Husaini said he was also pleased that local entrepreneur Jason Lee had succeeded in his efforts to promote such activities which are also encouraged as they are healthy activities which the entire family can partake in.

“Such healthy activities also foster closer ties among the people in the district which is something I support fully as the MP for Putatan,”he said.  

He said this when met by the media at the Borneo Integrated Farm (BIF) fishing competition at D’BIF fishing pond at Kg Duvanson Putatan on Sunday.

 BIF Owner Jason Lee, 43 said he agreed that such fishing competitions have the potential to foster better ties and good sportsmanship among Sabahans of different races and also contribute as a whole towards promoting the tourism potential of the district. 

He also expressed gratitude to Putatan MP for his support in gracing the event and hoped that with more such fishing competitions planned in future more as Sabahans would be attracted to participate in the fishing activity and promote a healthier lifestyle among the public. 

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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