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Department History

The Department of Fisheries, Sabah was first established as a small government institution under the British colonial administration before the Second World War in what was known then as North Borneo. In 1956 this fisheries institution lost its position as a self-administrating organisation when it was integrated with Department of Agriculture and consequently operated as a division under the department. In 1968, in acceptance of the fact that the government faced increasing responsibilities in the fisheries sector in Sabah and the vital role that the Fisheries Division should play, the State Cabinet, through Cabinet Paper 38/68, approved to up-grade the Fisheries Division as a fully-fledged department under the administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Sabah. Since then the Department has played its roles and responsibilities as the main government institution responsible for the management and development the State's fisheries sector with commendable achievements and success.

For the past 55 years, the Department has maintained a leading role in the development, regulation and improvement of the fisheries industry in Sabah. The Department’s activities have multiplied through the years and in response to this have grown from a small institution to an important organisation staffed by close to 600 personnel. It has achieved this leadership position through commitment and continued support for the growth and development of the local fisheries industry.

One of the main responsibilities of the Department is the management of the exploitation and conservation of fisheries resources and the promotion of rational and sustainable aquaculture to ensure the optimal use of the fisheries marine and freshwater resources of Sabah for current and future generations.

Past Directors

Datuk Chin Pui Kong

B Sc. (Fisheries) AMOY-CHINA
Tenure : 1970-1978 

Datuk Joseph Wong Tung Sang

Dip. (Fisheries) AUSTRALIA,
B Sc. (Fisheries) AUSTRALIA,
Tenure: 1978-1995 

Mr. Yap Kon Shen

Dip. (Food Technology) CANADA,

Datuk Rayner S. Galid

Tenure: 1999-2016

Dr Ahemad Bin Sade

Tenure: 2016-2021