Director’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Fisheries’ Homepage on the Internet.

As we venture forth into this new and exciting world of information and commmunications technology, and particularly the Internet, we remain focused in realising our organisational vision – “To be recognised as the leader in the State of Sabah in the sustainable management of fisheries, aquaculture and the aquatic environment; and as the premiere lead agency in bringing about and delivering development to fishermen, fish farmers and the members of the wider fisheries community in Sabah.” To this end, our first and foremost objective is to leverage this new and powerful media to allow us to reach out to the public in general and more specifically, our client groups.

While many of our target groups hail from the lower income categories, we were pleasantly suprised by our own survey that quite a substantial number of our clients has internet access. We intend to make this site informative and educational. We also like it to satisfy the more specific needs of the fisheries community in Sabah and Malaysia.

As a foward-looking department, we are excited to be part of the e-Goverment of Sabah. Feel free to surf our home pages. As the internet medium develops so will this website. Our cyber presence is here to stay. Who knows? We may be video conferencing with you through the Internet in the near future. Visit us often. Lastly, kudos to the Department of Fisheries, Sabah Internet Team for a job well done.

Thank you for inviting us to you PC.

Azhar Kassim
Director of Fisheries, Sabah, Malaysia