Fish of the Month

Fish of the Month

21/09/2022 Off By Admin

Local name:  Putih

Genus:  Caranx

Species: indicus

Yellowfin jack Caranx ignobilis. Bluish-green dorsally, silvery with caudal fin dusky, except for pale leading edge. Highly curved lateral line. Extended leading edge to second dorsal and anal fins. Offshore: deep-water reefs, wrecks and other structures. Predatory on fishes, cuttlefish and crustaceans. 115 cm.Body deep and moderately to highly compressed. Two dorsal fins, anal fin preceded by two separate spines, caudal fin deeply forked. Scutes sometimes present along lateral line. Jacks or trevally are powerful, strong-swimming fish which feed on other fishes, cuttlefish and crustaceans. Many of the species are large, free-roaming fish that gather around offshore structures and wrecks, and also in open water. Inshore reefs and creeks are home to smaller species such as the orange-spotted jack, Carangoides bajad .Most species in this large family are overall silvery-grey in colour, with distinctive individual markings, including dark blotches, indistinct patches and black or orange spots. Carangidae swim in schools of a hundred or more fish, although larger species tend to be more solitary or hunt in smaller numbers. Alectis indicus, Alepes mate, Carangoides bajad , Carangoides chrysophrys, Carangoides malabaricus, Carangoides sexfasciatus, Gnathanodon speciosus, Megalaspis cordyla, Scomberoides commersonianus, Scomberomorus lysan, Seriola dumerili, Seriolina nigrofasciata, Trachinotus blochi, Ulua mentalis.

Category:  Marine