Quality Assurance

Product quality and food safety is increasingly becoming important in the local and global seafood trade. As consumers because mere discerning as to the seafood they consume so has producers has responded with higher quality production standards. The product quality assurance of the Department is aimed to provide stakeholders in the fisheries industry with fish and fish product quality analysis services.

Among the specific analysis that are conducted are as follows:

  1. Proximate analysis of fish products
  2. Red tide toxins of shellfish
  3. Antibiotics residues in aquaculture produce
  4. Water parameters analysis
  5. Shrimp diseases (WBV, HBV) in shrimp fries
  6. Specific toxin contamination in fish product
  7. Bacterial analysis
  8. Hatchery plankton analysis

​Most of these analytic services are conducted at the Likas Fisheries Research Center. The cost/charge of each analysis depends on the type of analysis. More information can be obtained from the Head (Aquaculture & Industry Research).