Law Enforcement

Under the fisheries monitoring and compliance program, the Department undertakes fisheries enforcement. The main aim of this activity is to make sure those stakeholders in the local industry company with the relevant laws.

The two main laws are the Fisheries Act, 1985 and the Sabah Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture 2003. Fisheries enforcement takes the form of three main activities: 1. enforcement patrols 2. investigation of cases, and 3. prosecution of cases.

The following are the main regulations that are enforced: (1) Fishing without a licence, (2) Operating an aquaculture premise without a licence, (3) Illegal fishing methods, (4) Import and export of fish, (5) Fishing in contravention of licence conditions, (6) Operating an aquaculture premise in contravention of the licence conditions, and (7) Possessing or culturing of banned aquatic species.

For fisheries enforcement in maintime areas, the Department undertakes this responsibility with the enforcement agencies such as the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, the Marine Police, the Marine Department, and the Department of Ports and Harbours.