Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 12:47
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Vision , Mission and Quality Base

Sectoral Vision

Our vision is that the fisheries industry will develop to become a modern, commercial and progressive industry. We envision a future in which all Malaysians are able to enjoy the wealth and benefits of a vibrant and a diverse multi-sectoral fisheries industry in Sabah.

Organisation's Vision

To be recognised as the leader in the State of Sabah in the management of sustainable fisheries, aquaculture and the aquatic environment; and as the premiere lead agency in bringing about and delivering development to fishermen, fish farmers and the members of the wider fisheries community in Sabah.

Organisation's Mission

Our mission is to develop and manage our fisheries industry in line with the objective to establish a modern and commercial sector, provide maximum opportunities and benefits for all stakeholders of the industry, and for continued growth and sustainability.

Quality Base

The Department of Fisheries is committed of providing the best quality service to all stakeholders in the fisheries industry in Sabah to ensure that fisheries and Public Health is maintained in line with the department vision