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Socio-economic Programs

Numerous fishermen in Sabah can be considered as small and traditional or even poor fishermen. In addition, many of them live in remote villages where modern utilities and infrastructure are on accessible. One of the Department’s objectives is to uplift their standard of living primarily through income-enhancing programs. It is estimated that about 3000 of them live below the poverty line.

The following are the programs implemented by the Department:

  1. People Well-Being Development Scheme (Skim Pembangunan Kesejahteraan Rakyat)

    The objective of this scheme is aimed to increase the incomes of fishermen from the basic RM520 a month. Fishermen who are qualified are those from the official registry of poverty poor households. The type of help include the provision of outboard motors, fiberglass boats, fishing gears, insulation boxes and related fishing appurtenances . Concomitant with this provision is the requirement that they must undertake a series of skill-improvement courses such as fish handing and engine maintenance.


  2. Fishermen Income Improvement Program

    This program’s objective is to help traditional fishermen to continually improve their incomes and socio-economic situation through the provision of material help such as fishing gears and marine equipment. The target for this program are those fishermen who earns less than RM500 a month. The aid package includes outboard engines/fiberglass boats and other fishing equipment which value total RM5000 per individual. In order to make the recipients more responsible and have a sense of ownership, recipients are required to foot 15% of the total package from their own money.

  3. Modernisation and Improvement of Fishermen Village Facilities

    This program is community-focused where small fishermen villages may enjoy common-use infrastructure and facilities built and funded by the Department. These include fishermen hall, jetties, walkways, platforms and landing places. The total cost of the infrastructure will not be more than RM60,000.

  4. Fishermen Entrepreneur Development Program

    This program’s objective is to improve fishermen’s incomes by making them entrepreneurial in other income-generating activities other than fishing. This program help and encourage the participants to start new businesses. The business identified are the making of small fiberglass fishing boats, ice-making and the production of fish-based products such as fish crackers, fish balls, etc. The aid package includes fish processing equipment as well as material and equipment used in the making of fiberglass boats. All program participants are required to undergo a series of technical and skill-acquirement courses.

*Note: For a more detailed document, please download the file attachment below (In Bahasa Malaysia/PDF Document/3.5 Mb).

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