Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 12:43
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Other services

The Department handles the following applications. For futher details about each application, please refer your queries to the relevant Sections.

  1. Fishing gear (coastal and river fishing) licence application
  2. Deep sea fishing licence
  3. Boat building approval application
  4. Registry of importers/importers of fish
  5. Training and aquaculture and fisheries-related courses
  6. Subsidies and direct aids (various)
  7. Business directory listing
  8. PSP (Red Tide) testing of shellfish
  9. Disease testing of aquaculture produce (PCR analysis)
  10. Toxins and antibiotic residues testing of fisheries products
  11. Poduct quality assessment service
  12. Import/export of live fish consignment permits
  13. Fisheries infrastructure projects
  14. Fish fry subsidies
  15. Accreditation under the Malaysia Aquafarm Certification Scheme