Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 05:32
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  • The golden colored fish at the bottom symbolises the abundant natural resources of Sabah which are the fount of the richness of the fisheries sector in the State.
  • The green colored fish in the middle symbolises the verdant aquaculture sub-sector in Sabah.
  • The blue colored fish in the middle symbolises the bountiful capture fisheries sub-sector in Sabah.
  • The red colored fish at the front symbolises the ability, fortitude and commitment of the Department of Fisheries, Sabah in providing the leadership in the development and management of the fisheries sector in Sabah.
  • The four fishes also group together to form a bigger fish which appear to leap dynamically as if out of the water in a move which is upwards and in an easterly direction. This symbolises Sabah's fisheries sector which is constantly developing and ever-improving in a dynamic manner.
  • The four fishes also appear to form together a single fish. This symbolises the four main components of Sabah's fisheries that join together to form a perfect and ideal whole.