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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for a fishing gear licence?

    You have to have a licenced fishing vessel first unless your prospective vessel is not required to be registered (too small) under the Merchant Shipping Ordinance. To be able to licence your vessel, you need to apply for permission to build first using Form JPNS or Form JPNS 8 for transfer of fishing boat ownership. These forms, which can be obtained at a nominal cost any at marine Fisheries District Office, should be submitted together to the Fisheries District Office in which district you intend to base your boat. The processing of the Gear Licence will be after you have been issued the fishing boat licence.

    Note that the usual cause for the delay of processing of applications is the applicant has not submitted all the necessary documents in the first instance.
  2. How do I apply for an export or import permit for fish?

    The Fisheries Department is responsible for the regulation of the import, export and inter-state conveyance of live fish. Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority or Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) is responsible for the regulation of the import, export and inter-state conveyance of fish and fish products other than live fish.

    You have to register your company with the Department of Fisheries as an exporter or exporter of live fish. The cost of registration and an annual maintenance fee will be charged, the premium of which will depend on the range of fish and fish products which you intend to deal in.

    The applicant need to complete Form JPNS 21 for live fish and Form JPNS 11 for non-live fish and products.These should be submitted to the Fisheries District Office in which district you intend to base your business. Once you are have been registered, you need to apply for permits on individual consignment basis.
  3. What are the general qualifications for a fishing licence in Sabah?

    For a licence for coastal fishing, You must satisfy the 3 basic conditions below:

    a) You are a Malaysian
    b) You are domiciled in Sabah
    c) Your Company is majority-owned by Malaysian(s) domiciled in Sabah. For deep sea fishing licence, you must have a local company fully owned by Malaysian(s) (not necessarily be Sabahan)

    Note that the law does not allow a fishing gear licence to be issued to a non-malaysian individual or or to a company which is not fully Malaysian-owned.  
  4. How do I get a fish product quality assessment certificate?

    We provide quality testing and assessment of fish, and fish and aquatic products, as well as analysis it for red tide toxins. We also can endeavour to test your fish and other aquatic produce for diseases or cuase of sickness or deaths. Our main center for analysis and testing is at Likas Fisheries Research Center. Upon request, we can give you a written report of the results of the test or analysis. Please contact the above-mentioned Center (the Aquaculture & Industry Research Section)
  5. How do I apply for an aquaculture course/training?

    We have several training courses that you may be interested in. This list covers fishing technology, aquaculture, fish processing, business entrepreneurship, and seamanship. You may also get a sense of what these courses are by downloading the applications forms.

  6. I have 2 pet fish (their names are Melissa & Won Ton). Can I bring them out of (or into) Sabah without a permit?

    No, you must have approval from the Department. As opposed to a regular (commercial) permit, we will issue you a one-time approval which validates you both under Quarantine Regulations and Export/Import/Conveyance Regulations. The process will take an instant if you could just turn up at our office.

    By the way, you should think about changing the name of one of your fishes (Won Ton); Kon Lau Mien would be a nice change.

  7. I hear you have a well-developed fisheries-related GIS system. Can I access this?

    No, you can not access it at the moment whether on line, through the internet or physically coming to operate it at our Digital Information Unit. However, we can sell information based on our GIS system. Also, we are currently implementing a project which will make a part of our GIS database part of NALIS (National Land Information System). We expect our information to be available online as a component system of NALIS.

  8. What is your Department's role in Land Applications?

    Land applications are made to the district Assistant Collector of Land Revenue (ACLR). If the intended land is meant to be used for aquaculture or fisheries activities or enterprise, the ACLR will request the Department of Fisheries to comment on the application.

    The Department will inspect the intended land and assess its suitability and other related matters such as the potential impact of the use of the land to the environment and sorrounding activities. A written comment will be made by the Department to the ACLR. In usual cases, the Department's representative will also elaborate on the views and stand of the Department in the District Land Utilisation Committee.

  9. How do I get a Sabah Annual Fisheries Statistics book?

    We published the Annual Fisheries Statistics book. This book covers all the major data for the local fishing and aquaculture industry. Examples are fish landing, fishing boats, prices of fish, aquaculture farms, etc. Our Department collect and collate this statistics as part of our functions.

    You may buy this book at RM20 per copy. Please contact the Head of the Corporate Section.

  10. I am a undergrad student at a local university. My course requires me to undergo attachment training. I choose your department. Can you accept me?

    If you are are Sabah Government-sponsored student (holds a scholarship or the like), we are happy to accept you to help you in your training. Please write to us giving 2 months notice telling us in detail your intention and focus of study; we will tailor your attachment training to your needs. (Don't just say I want attachment training - we will send you to Pulau Jambongan).

    For non-goverenment students, we shall have to see each application on its merits as we can not accomodate too many students at once. Write to us ahead of your intended schedule.

  11. I am a technical consultant and I need the Department's help in researching certain fisheries subjects. Do I have to pay?

    If you are a consultant working on a Goverment-paid or sponsored project, we are happy to help you at no charge except perhaps for expensive media costs. If you are a consultant working on a private company's project (I guess you are being paid for this), we will have to charge certain fees based on the time our officers put into your project or the materials and media involved.

    Many consultants contact us for basic data and information about fisheries and related subjects. Our research library is available for references; please try to access this facility yourself before asking for a ready-made, I-will-pick-it-up-this-afternoon package.

  12. I am a student/researcher. Can I use the Fisheries Department Marine Aquaculture Fish Breeding Stations for research or for related purpose? How do I go about this?

    We will have to see your application including evaluating the merits of your type of research. Ideally it should be a mutually beneficial arrangement where we share in your research results while you avail yourself of our facilities. However, you may have to bear the costs of the major part of your consumables' costs.

  13. What laws does the Department enforce?

    We enforce the Fisheries Act, 1985 and Sabah Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Enactment 2005. The Act proncipally deals with regulation and licencing of fishing and aquaculture activities in marine and estuarine waters while the Enactment does the equivalent in rivers and lakes, and land-based aquaculture.

  14. Do you have a research library I can use?

    We have the Likas Fisheries Research Library available for use. Through the years we have stocked numerous references both on local and foreign fisheries-related subjects. Many government reports are also available. Call or write for a library slot.

  15. I desperately need to strike the National Lotto. Can the Department help?

    Well, thank you for the vote of confidence but no, we can't help you. We are a lot of things to a lot of people but we do not do that kind of numbers. BUT we are a bunch of veeeery helpful folks , so please contact us for anything else.