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Courses & Training

Many of fish farmers and fishermen in Sabah still come from populations that have relatively little formal education and generally lack in technical knowledge in aquaculture, fish processing, business as and enterprise. The human resources development program of the Department is aimed to improve and upgrade the knowledge and skills of target groups including fishermen, fish farmers, and fish processors. This is implemented through (1) Formal training; (2) On-the-job training; (3) Learning visits, and (4) Seminar dan general briefings.

The categories of training includes:

  • Culture and rearing in aquaculture.
  • Breeding and seedlings/fries production.
  • Fish product processing.
  • Basic resource management.
  • Site assessment and evaluation for aquaculture sites.
  • Use and application of fish finders and other hydro-acoustic equipment and other related marine equipment.
  • Use and application of marine and aquaculture automation and machinery including vessel on-board equipment.
  • Post-harvest handling and product quality assurance methods.
  • Use of modern fishing gears and methods.
  • Seamanship and skippering on board fishing vessels.
  • Farm and aquaculture systems' designs.

Training of trainees and participants is undertaken in department stations and centers in Sabah as well as places which the Department may choose when undertaking training in cooperation with private companies. Many courses are offered by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia of which this Department closely cooperate with to select, send and undertake the training in West Malaysia. There are also ad hoc courses that this Department conduct with the Fisheries Section of the Agriculture Department of Sarawak.

The following are the list of courses available in the Department of Fisheries, Sabah:

  1. Fish hatchery techniques and operatio
  2. Seaweed culture
  3. Marine prawn culture in brackish water ponds
  4. Fish culture in freshwater water ponds
  5. Ornamental freshwater fish culture
  6. Giant freshwater prawn culture
  7. Training to be a Fishing Guide
  8. Rod & Reel Fishing in rivers
  9. Freshwater turtle culture
  10. Frog culture
  11. Marine fish culture in brackish water ponds
  12. Mussel culture (Project Organisation and Management)
  13. Basic Mussel Culture
  14. Basic Marine Fish Cage Culture
  15. Oyster culture (Project Organisation and Management)"
  16. Basic fish processing and cottage fish products
  17. "Hinava" and fish pickles preparation
  18. Formation, organisation and management of a Tagal area
  19. Use of modern marine equipment (GPS, echo-sounder, SONAR)
  20. Maintenance and repair of outboard engines.
  21. Entrepreneurship and business operation
  22. Fishing boat seamanship & skippering
  23. Safety at sea and on fishing vessels


The list of courses for the year 2013 can be downloaded from the attachment below.

PDF icon jadualkursusakuakultur2013.pdf279.31 KB