Two Vietnamese fishing boats, 11 crew detained in Sabah

Two Vietnamese fishing boats, 11 crew detained in Sabah

20/05/2022 0 By Admin

SANDAKAN (May 20): The Marine Operation Force (MOF) detained two foreign fishing boats and 11 Vietnamese for encroachment and illegal fishing in Sabah waters early Thursday morning.

Sandakan MOF Assistant Commissioner Ahmad Ariffin said the two boats were detained off the North Sea of Pulau Langkayan after they received information of an illegal fishing activity in the area.

Ahmad said among those detained were 11 men, including the two boat captains, aged between 10 and 49.

MOF approaching one of the fishing boats for inspection.

Inspection found that none of the crewmen and the boats have valid permit to carry out fishing activities in Sabah waters from the Malaysian Fisheries Department.

The MOF seized both fishing boats, eight sets of equipment to catch sea cucumbers and several barrels that contained sea cucumbers. The value of the seizure was estimated at RM2,873,000, said Ahmad in a statement on Friday.

Ahmad said the case will be investigated under the Fisheries Act 1985 for carrying out fishing activities in Malaysian waters without valid permit and the Immigration Act 1959/63 for illegal entry. Source The Borneo Post