Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 10:55
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Assistance & Incentives

The Department implements a number of direct aid and incentives programs to help fish farmers, fishermen and fish processors. A number of these are implemented by the Department itself while some are carried out in close cooperation or jointly with other government agencies.

 The following direct aids categories are given:

  1. Fish cage materials (Netlon/netting, ropes, lumber, floats, etc)
  2. Seaweed culture materials (floats, ropes and monofilaments, etc.)
  3. Seedlings and fish fries
  4. Mollusc culture materials (Netlon, culture racks, etc.)
  5. Fish pond construction money grants
  6. Fish processing/fish feed processing equipment
  7. Fish/prawn pond culture materials (pumps, paddle wheels, pipes, lime, etc.)
  8. Hatchery materials (plankton stock, fish eggs, aeration equipment, etc.)
  9. Small fishing boats
  10. Fishing gears
  11. Marine equipment (outboard engines, winches, line haulers, cooler boxes, etc.)

These direct aids are given with four major objectives in mind:

  1. To help small-scale farmers with some initial capital to start or expand their enterprise. This is targeted to improve their incomes and thereby improve their standard of living.
  2. To attract new entrepreneurs and operators to enter the local aquaculture industry.
  3. To help poor fishermen in enhancing their fishing capability and thereby improve their incomes.
  4. To encourage fishermen to have an additional or alternative source of income or economic activity.